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Blockchain and Crypto Education

We provide regulatory compliance consulting services to SEC and state registered investment advisors.  This includes wealth management firms, private funds, venture capital funds and newly-emerging crypto asset funds.  

For traditional RIA's and private funds, we provide customized and industry-specific cryptocurrency and blockchain education as crypto assets gain widespread adoption.

cryptocurrency FUNDS

Any person or entity managing "other people's money" is required to make state and/or federal filings and maintain an active and robust compliance system.  However, the requirements and precedent for enacting these requirements are based on "traditional" money management through a hedge fund or private equity model. 

By understanding the technology supporting over 900 cryptocurrencies, H7 navigates a familiar ship in uncharted waters.  We provide initial buildout and training of a crypto fund's compliance system and ongoing support to assist in regulatory compliance. We tailor the traditional compliance program to the intricate details and risks that arise when managing cryptocurrencies. This ensures funds are maintaining their regulatory requirements, while also addressing their industry specific risks.

current projects

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Lacey Shrum is an attorney and entrepreneur.  As the founder of H7 Consulting, LLC, Lacey serves Registered Investment Advisors and Private Funds as a consultant for federal and state securities compliance regulation and operational controls.  With a new focus on cryptocurrencies, she writes and trains employees on tailored compliance protocols for the unique asset class.  She is currently building a smart contract solution for common problems faced by her clients regarding fee calculation and contract management.  

Lacey also regularly educates businesses, government organizations and private practice groups on blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and blockchain implementation.

After law school, Lacey served as a Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel for a local wealth manager and later co-founded The Loyal Closet to manage professional women's closets, eliminating the hassles of shopping and getting dressed every morning.  When the company required a technology buildout, Lacey learned to code and soon after became fascinated with blockchain.  Never having worked in technology, this space was oddly comfortable for Lacey as the learning opportunity is endless and law and finance are natural fits for blockchain solutions. 

As Sloane and Theodore's mom, her current favorite status is watching them grow and learn.  Her husband Josh and she are dedicated wanderers- enjoying traveling close or far from home to take in the sights and meet new people.


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